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Is GCG Asia legit?

so my friend joined this thing called GCG Asia. it seems that it is a forex broker (idk if I got the term right).
my question is, is it legit?

cause they promise you something like 30%-50% return per month, (and something crazy like 100% return a month recently) require $250 to join, have a kind of seniority system, (like MLM, where you earn more if you have people under you), you have to deposit your investment in an account, and they told you that your money is not guaranteed. meaning it could be lost at anytime. they don't seem to mention how much. also, there's not much info from google.

I think that it is sketchy as fuck. because there is news about people doubting their legitimacy, my friend said that the GCG Asia leader got caught in the Philippines recently because of him posting a picture with their president, they are moving to set up offices in countries (I assume to cement their legitimacy).

Idk, I am new to investment stuff. idk how any of this works. is it actually legit? that every small company has these stages? If not, what is the best thing to invest in? I am still young, and want to invest early.
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CoinBase Email Scam

Got an email from [email protected]
In This Issue: Get 150% profit with Coinbase Invest Fund
Dear ********,
We're happy to announce a new product - Coinbase Invest Fund, reliable platform for small and medium scale investments. Fund assets are diversified among emerging Forex positions at Coinbase Exchange. Deposits are risk-free insured by institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange.
Want to become a professional investor? Our first short-term investment program starts today - GET 150% FOR A 10-DAY DEPOSIT.
Investment offer is active from 20th of April 12:00 AM Pacific until 30th of April. Coinbase offers you a fixed return with a 50% growth for a 10 day period. You can deposit today from $100. Maximum deposit amount per one person or legal entity is 60 Bitcoins. That's an astonishing opportunity to earn up to $8,500 per 10 days!
Investors who want to apply, please make a deposit to
 19myGCgPiNgcGZMVUHZGNQo3QmSkJUsNEJ or click the link below 
Once a payment is made you will get an e-mail about successful participation. Please note: Initial deposit amounts exceeding +30 Bitcoins will qualify your membership for a 2nd level upgrade.
We will return your initial deposit with dividends on 1st of May, 2015 12:00 AM Pacific Time. (for example: investing 10 Bitcoins today will return 15 Bitcoins in a 10 day period) Profits are withdrawn without any delay and Coinbase waives all fees for 1st level investments.
Hurry up! This is a limited, one-time opportunity.
Kind regards, The Coinbase Invest Fund Team
Do not reply to this e-mail
-Just got this email from coinbase this morning, almost 150% a scam, correct?
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GCG ASIA TRADE LIVE GCG Asia GCFX Update News. Full Forex Broker Legal Licency ASIC Australia AFSL No. 489437 GCG ASIA TRADING - 91 77087 88449 8190882938

GCG Asia Forex Broker Trading Platforms. This broker offers its customers access to the MetaTrader4 (MT4). This platform is an extensively popular trading platform that over 80 percent of forex traders use. GCG Asia is a Forex brokerage supposedly based in Switzerland. It provides clients with the MT4 trading terminal and a generous leverage of up to 1:100. GCG international is more secure than any other forex and stock brokering platform out there, which is a very rare thing to say, as there are plenty of good ones available. Therefore, use this broker with the utmost of confidence that your money and information will remain safe. Losses can exceed your initial deposit . so ensure you understand the risks. GCG is an Australian forex broker and market maker that does not share much information about its trading conditions on its website and the situation with the companies associated with the GCG brand seems confusing. It appears that it acts as an authorized representative of an ASIC-regulated entity.

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SLIENT TRADE FOR JOIN IN PLATFORM FOREX GCG ASIA FOREX 14%@[email protected] SEMINGGU BOLE CALL SAYA 1PROFILE 2 MT4 RUNNING PROFIT SHARING DARI 50/50 Fairus 0127384880 MIN MODAL USD1500. 20/05/2019 2:13 PM - 2019/05/20 " Official Announcement GCG ASIA " Official Announcement 91 77087 884449 819088 2938 SELVARAJ A " 1. In order to apologize for the recent incident that happened in ... Bisnis GCG Asia , GCFX adalah Pengelolaan akun trading forex dalam PAMM System, seperti Copytrading, yang menghasilkan profit range kisaran 25~40% 1 bulan Gross profit dengan Teknik Double Hedging ...