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Webull forex spreads

Does webull have decent forex spreads?
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จัดอันดับ โบรกเกอร์ Forex Spread ต่ำ ที่สุด 2019 (มีคลิป)

จัดอันดับ โบรกเกอร์ Forex Spread ต่ำ ที่สุด 2019 (มีคลิป) submitted by forexinthai to u/forexinthai [link] [comments] #forextrading Forex Spread Indicator Free Download »»— FOREX IN WORLD (@forex_in_world) August 20, 2019

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100% correct in forex spread betting

Let's say you had powers to be 100% in forex spread betting. The daily volume of forex in around $5.3 trillion. If you could capture 1% of that you'll be earning $53 billion a day. What would you do with that income?
I would be a philanthropist and save the world with my money.
A friend said that if I do that I would collapse the world economy ... is he right? Would lawmakers try to stop me?
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Forex spread brokers

The gap between the buying price and the selling price of a currency is defined as the Spread. As trading with low spread, traders are benefited from the guaranteed double profit of trading volume everywhere.
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Is my broker charging me too high a forex spread on GBP/USD?

I was selling off some small gains in my portfolio, nothing major but it was about a 5% gain since purchase, and noticed that I somehow ended up receiving less consideration than I put in.
Looking closer at the transactions I believe the forex spread is to blame. I purchased the asset at an exchange rate of 1.49, and then on selling the rate was 1.54, a difference of 0.05.
This seems very high to me, suggests that I need at least a 5% gain on any investment before I can even break even. Am I just very inexperienced and this is entirely normal for trading in different currencies, or is this as ridiculous a spread as it seems?
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Opinion: Forex Spreads

It seems like the retail trader is much too focused on the spreads. In my opinion, if a spread difference of 1 pip between brokers is enough for you to choose a different broker, then you are doing it wrong. And if its enough to make your strategy fail, then you need a new strategy.
Real full time traders do not look as hard at the spread like retail Forex traders. They look more at "If I deposit $100k into this broker, will they steal my money". "How long will it take to withdraw funds" etc. etc.
Point: Stop nit-picking about the spreads, pick a broker that has good customer service, and is trustworthy. If you are really doing enough volume for the spread to matter that much, then broker shop. But all the what if people, "But if I trade 1000 standard lots with 1 pip higher spread that's $10,000 a year!!!!" Then that same person goes to their $500 micro account and starts trading mini lots.
Retail Forex individuals seem to be the most misguided people on the face of this planet.
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Canadian here. USD in my trading account that I need to withdrawal and remain in USD. My bank doesn't allow me to keep USD in my account and will "double-ding" me on the forex spread. What to do?

I have a Questrade account with US equities in USD. I want to withdrawal some USD for a trip I will be taking to the USA. After talking to my bank, they said I don't have a USD account (costs money) so I would have to transfer the funds into my bank account and deposited as CAD (about 2% penalty due to spread). Then, I will have to get dinged on the spread again when I convert back to USD. A 4% penalty. Any better ideas?
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Enjoy Cost effective Forex Trading with iBull Capital Zero Spread Account

Enjoy Cost effective Forex Trading with iBull Capital Zero Spread Account
iBull Capital Markets Zero Spread Account lowers the cost of trading by passing on the cost benefit of using Tier 1 banks and liquidity providers. It follows “best bid – best offer” modus operandi and with constant price updates, it gives ample room for price improvement and makes Low Forex Spreads possible for every order.
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TD Ameritrade vs Interactive Broker

Hi guys I just recently started investing and have been using IB for awhile now. However, I am currently finding the monthly 10USD to be a bit of a roadblock. I have read multiple comparison for the different brokers for Singapore and still have a couple of questions.
Can anyone enlighten me what the process of account funding is like for TDA? Do we transfer SGD into the account and then convert to USD and be subjected to foreign exchange fee? What is the forex spread like? Do we have the option of transferring USD directly? In the case that we have to withdraw our money, do we reverse the process by converting back to SGD?
For those that are currently with TD Ameritrade already, what do you like about the broker in general? Should I shift from IB to TDA?
Thank you!
EDIT: Sorry I think I wasn’t very clear previously. I have been using IB for a while now so I understand all the processes for IB. What I am curious about is the process for TDA if anyone can enlighten me thank you!
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Saxo vs SCB

Hello I'm 21 going in army soon and plan to invest 500 every month into SWRD(90%) + EIMI(10%) which broker should I use?
The fees
SCB - (10 dollar min commission fee or 0.2%, 0.2% trading fee, and a 0.43% forex spread)
Saxo - (10 dollar min commission fee or 0.06%, 0.08% trading fee, custody fee of 0.12% and a forex spread of 0.75%)
Also what do you guys think of investing in IT etfs like QQQ or healthcare etfs with low expense ratio.
Do let me know if I'm missing out something or there's a better way of investing like investing every 2 months instead or robos.
Thank you for reading.
Edit - Thanks all for the feedback I really appreciate it. I have decided on Interactive brokers. I forgot to mention that after 2 years of NS I will be in uni for another 4 years and I probably won't be investing during this time. Assuming I liquidate my investment at 27 from SCB and transfer to IB, I calculated that I'm at a gain of 60 sgd by not going with IB which is really nothing and it seems kind of troublesome to do that so I'll just stick with IB. Thanks all
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PDT Pattern Day Trading Rule - why do I get flagged when I'm not trading on margin?

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help clarify this. Trading with Robinhood (will certianly be moving of this platform in the near-term). I used to trade forex (spread-betting) in UK. Now in the states i'm delving into options. From spreadbetting forex, I like to day trade.
Why am I getting flagged as PDT? I do not believe I am trading on margin, I waited for all deposits to hit the account before I traded. I'm quite confused at this point - I thought if you weren't trading margin this should be fine. Any guidance on this?
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What Forex/ spread betting brokers have 1:1000?
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BPI Invest US Equity Index Feeder UITF now multi-class/multi-currency - USD/PHP

Info now out on the BPI's peso-denominated US equity feeder fund. Created an update post for more visibility. Original post by u/jmnativ:
It's simply the Peso version of their US Equity Index feeder: that uses the SPY ETF. It has the same fee structure:
Trust Fee 0.7500% per annum payable to the Trustee, BPI AMTC
Custodianship Fees 0.0084% payable to the Third-Party Custodian of the Fund, Bank of New York Mellon
External Auditor Fee 0.0082% payable to the External Auditor of the Fund, Isla Lipana & Co.
Broker's Fee 0.0300% payable to the brokers / dealers for the buying / selling of shares / units of the Target Fund
Total 0.7966% (at least, if other expenses like taxes are not included)
Note that SPY's gross expense ratio by itself is 0.0945%
Investment amounts:
Unit Classes Class A (USD Class) Class P (Philippine Peso Class)
Minimum Initial Investment USD 1,000 PHP 50,000
Minimum Transaction Amount USD 500 PHP 10,000
From their FAQ:
If I invest in Unit “Class P” and the general consensus is stronger or weaker USD against major currencies, how will this affect me as an investor?
As a Unit “Class P” investor, should the US Dollar strengthen against the Philippine Peso, you stand to benefit on stronger US Dollar due to unrealized foreign exchange gains. On the other hand, should the US Dollar weaken against the Philippine Peso, you may experience additional volatility due to unrealized foreign exchange losses.
Note, however, that the NAVPU of the unit classes also reflects the daily marking-to-market of the underlying investments of the target fund. As such, we emphasize that clients are not encouraged to subscribe into the BPI Invest US Equity Index Feeder Fund Unit “Class P” to hedge foreign exchange risk. Unit “Class P” was designed primarily to provide convenient access to global outlets for investors with Philippine Peso.
So ultimately, it just provides the convenience that you don't have to buy USD to invest. The minimum transaction amount is also lower. The exchange risk is there whether you invest in USD or PHP... if you eventually will spend the investment proceeds in PHP. If one can buy and sell USD at better than bank rates, it may be better to invest in USD fund since BPI probably earns a little bit more on the forex spread.
I guess BPI just has to be clearer when stating the performance of the USD class and the PHP class, since the latter also effectively includes the exchange rate performance of USD vs PHP.
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Does listing currency of ETF matter if buying on margin?

Several articles claim that the listing currency of an ETF dos not matter. Eg. investing in QQQ (Nasdaq-100 in USD) and EQQQ (Nasdaq-100 in EUR) should yield identical return (apart from minor forex spread/fees) if you convert the fund back to your original currency in the end.
However, does it still apply if I'm buying on margin? If not, wouldn't it always advantageous to buy the ETF that is listed in a currency with lowest margin interest rate (eg. EUR rather than USD)?
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Ekol Forex Global Hesabı Açma

Birçok ülkede uluslararası forex hizmeti veren Ekol global marketing 2019 yılında Türkiye piyasasına giriş yaptı. 9 yıldır birçok ülkede aktif olarak faaliyet gösteren kurum farklı dil seçenekleri ile yatırımcılara özel teklifler sunuyor. Sitenin Türkiye kullanıcı web sitesini incelediğimizde şirketin IFMRRC lisansı ile hizmet verdiği bilgisine ulaştık. Bu da yapılan tüm işlemlerin lisans güvencesinde gerçekleştirildiğini ifade ediyor.
Ekol Forex Hesabı Açma
Fonlama yapmak ve online yatırım hesabı edinmek için ekol forex deneme hesabı oluşturabileceğiniz firmanın web adresini ziyaret edebilirsiniz. Forex firmalarının güvenilirliğini sorguladığımızda ilk merak edilenler arasında lisansı ve para çekme hizmetleri yer alıyor. Ekol Forex 7/24 para çekme vaadinde bulunan bir şirket. Türkçe konuşabileceğiniz canlı destek personellerine para çekme taleplerinizi iletebilir hesabınızdan havale / eft, parapara ve kredi kartı yöntemleri ile para çekebilirsiniz.
Yukarıda saydığımız yöntemleri kullanarak hesabınıza en düşük 100 dolar yatırabilirsiniz.
Ekol Forex Spread Oranları Nasıl?
Ham olarak yani üzerine herhangi bir kar koymadan spread sunan Ekol forex yenilenen özellikleri ile web sitesinde spread oranları tablosu sunuyor. Firmanın oranlarının iyi seviyede olduğunu söylersek haksızlık etmiş olmayız. Standart hesapların yanı sıra gold, silver, platinum ve vıp hesap türleri bulunan bu forex firmasında lot değerleri seçilen hesap türüne göre değişiyor. Standart bir hesap için başlangıcınızı 100 Dolar yatırarak yapabilirsiniz.
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i trade at, usually the weekend spreads open up wide, but for some reason this week they widened up for a brief moment and then they closed up to zero pips spread.. weird.

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Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics 101

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Why is the spread so large on Forex dot Com?

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Spread Betting vs CFD Trading - Forex Basics 101

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SPREADS IN FOREX TRADING- HOW DO THEY WORK? - YouTube Forex Spreads Explained - YouTube Forex Spread - YouTube

Forex Market Makers Determine the Spread . The forex market differs from the New York Stock Exchange, where trading historically took place in a physical space.The forex market has always been virtual and functions more like the over-the-counter market for smaller stocks, where trades are facilitated by specialists called market makers.The buyer may be in London, and the seller may be in Tokyo. There will be times when the forex market is volatile and prices are rapidly changing. Since spreads are fixed, the broker won’t be able to widen the spread to adjust for current market conditions. So if you try to enter a trade at a specific price, the broker will “block” the trade and ask you to accept a new price. Spreads will vary based on market conditions, including volatility, available liquidity, and other factors. ... is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Forex is the most traded market in the world offering numerous trading opportunities. One of the ways you pay for these opportunities is through the broker spreads, or the difference between the ask and bid prices of a tradable instrument. A Comparison of Live Forex Broker Spreads, updated every 2 seconds. Use the below Spreads Chart to better visualise the action of spreads over time. Click on the "Different Currencies" button to compare more than 50 different currency pairs.

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SPREADS IN FOREX TRADING- HOW DO THEY WORK? - YouTube A ten minute class that overviews the spread and the basic mechanics of the forex market.Learn why the spread exi... Learn more about FOREX SPREADS in this video. Forex spreads are explained in this video. Claim your FREE Forex course here A Forex spread is the difference in price between what a Forex broker will buy the currency from you for and the price at which they will sell it. Ken is bac...